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We choose to work with you on a personal level in order to mold the right solution for you and/or your business. we install and maintain your equipment, ensuring that it is always operating at its optimum level.


  • Computer / laptop Repair
  • Hardware & Software Upgrades
  • Virus / spyware Eradication
  • Computer & Accessories Sale

We reach out to your office, residence, company facilities and anywhere you lead us to, just to make sure our clients are satisfied with their work stations and that their productivity is enhanced with a perfectly presented and fast-responding work station.

Repair & Maintenance

Phenom Electrotech is building an excellent reputation by continuously delivering quality services to their customers. Our commitment to providing the very best professional services yet at affordable rates, is building us a large client base traversing from home users, small to medium sized businesses and professional practitioners, through to large corporations and government institutions. We choose to work with you on a personal level in order to mold the right solution for you and/or your business. We install and maintain your equipment, ensuring that it is always operating at its optimum level. Whatever the computer issue may be, we are confident that our highly trained technicians will provide you with the right resolution.

The issues laid within the services are the common problems that computer users face every day. Our comprehensive array of services will repair any of these problems and more that you may be experiencing. More of our services include;

  • computer/laptop repairs

Is your computer Broken, crashed, or does it over heat and any other unusual behavior? Then we have a solution for you. We do onsite and workshop repair services offering fast and effective solutions to your computer problems, we understand the importance in getting your system up and running effectively.

  • Hardware & Software Upgrades

Computer running too slow, Is your hard drive full? Do you need more memory or a faster processor? Or your software is outdated? Just dial our digits and we will upgrade your memory, hard disks, CPU’s, Motherboards, CD/DVD Burners and operating systems

  • Sales

Computers / laptops and any related computer accessories 

Are you tired of your old computer? Do you need to change computers for your office, or you are starting up an office? We are more than ready to supply, install and setup a work station for you.

  • virus/spyware eradication

Does your computer have a virus? Do you get popups? Are you continuously receiving spam mail? Do you have spyware? All computers are susceptible to viruses, however, with the right software packages, these issues can be prevented.


At Phenom Electrotech, we take pride in the professional quality of our work and high level of service we provide to our clients, ensuring that their needs are clearly understood, defined and met throughout the project. We are committed to achieving and maintaining high standard of quality in all aspects of our business and to continually satisfy the expectations of our customers.

Does your network crash frequently?

  • Is your backup system working properly? Do you need to add another workstation? Has your network slowed down? Are you receiving too much spam?

A network is essentially a group of computers that can share information. They can be linked via Ethernet cable, through wireless transmissions or optical fiber. Computers can be linked to networks in a variety of ways, from simple network cables between rooms to business networks spanning countries. The more complex the network set up is, the more likely it is for problems to arise. At Phenom Electrotech, no network problem is too big or too small for us. We just follow it up effectively to the dot. Whatever your office network problem may be, we can tailor a solution to meet your requirements. Often it is a simple component upgrade that will make all the difference to the overall performance of your computer and the network.

Power saving tips

  • Keep your devices off power when not in use.

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