Different cable types used for CCTV

Different cable types used for CCTV

After selecting your video recorder and security cameras, and it’s time to choose the type of CCTV cable to transmit video, audio, and power in your system. It’s important you know which type of cable is right for your system. There are basically two commonly used types of CCTV cables, coaxial and Ethernet. And the other is fiber optic, but it’s not priced at a level that’s accessible for everyone.

Coaxial cables are of two categories, RG59 and RG6.

RG59, have a braid to filter out low frequency interference, also used as a grounding point to close the circuit. It has a small conductor wire surrounded in insulation, and wrapped in a heavy-duty plastic coating. This cable has a power cable attached to it which is why it’s also called coaxial with power. RG59 has been the standard coaxial cable for analog CCTV systems for years.

RG6 cable is similar to RG59 in that it also comes with an insulated and shielded wire for transmitting video as well as additional wires for running power. However, the main difference is that RG6 cables have a heavier gauge wire for video and thicker insulation and shielding layers to minimize video degradation over the cable run, they are mostly used for very high-resolution HD CVI or HD TVI cameras.

Ethernet Cables.

Ethernet cabling is typically used in IP systems because of its capability to transmit high bandwidth data. However, they can also be used in analog systems if you include a video balun in the cable run.

There are two types of Ethernet cable used today, Cat5 and Cat6. The main difference between these cables is that Cat6 is capable of much greater bandwidth and transmission speeds, but over much shorter distances, as compared to Cat5. They both use four pairs of copper wires that are fed into an RJ45 connector in a specific order and crimped to terminate the cable line. And they can both be used to transmit power over an Ethernet cable run.

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